The features and facilities of Rahpooyan Saleh Company (MAPSA)


    The largest Industrial Waste Management Center in the Middle East

    EPA selected company as “Waste Management Center of the country”

    ATI Environment exclusive representative of France in the Middle East

    Certificate of 2000/76 / EC

    Special abilities to eliminate of industrial waste with a volume of over 260,000 kg per day, equivalent to 75,600 tons per year

    The ability to produce 20,000 megawatts of electricity per year

    The ability to eliminate the wastes, in the place of production, by mobile incinerator lines







    About us


    Rah poyane Saleh (RPS) Company was founded with the brand M.A.P.S.A (Waste management center of Iran) on 2005, with the guidance of environmental engineers, based on the country needs to the waste management and waste elimination,manage the industrial and special wastes, according to the industrial waste products capacity.

    Nevertheless, this company began its executive operations and construction facilities in an area of 150,000 square meters, on 2010, in Isfahan, with necessary coordination and contacting with Environmental Protection Agency, by doing scientific researches about the waste management of Iran.

    M.A.P.S.A has received the delegation in the middle-east, from the French company (ATI Environment), the most prestigious company in the field of producing the newest incinerators with automatic control and loading system, to set up the first waste incinerator site in Iran, also to promote using this technology.


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